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Welcome to DIY Auto Restoration! 

Hi there! I’m Brad! Just like everyone else out there I’m a typical DIY guy working on vehicles inside and out. Whether it’s auto body, detailing, or even just general maintenance, I’m here to cover the whole broad spectrum. No hidden fees/subscriptions, just FREE content for those of you who were like me at one point and wanted to do more with your vehicle but didn’t know how.

Just like you, I was a passionate DIY guy working on my own vehicle, after procrastinating many times, I decided to take action and restore my own vehicles myself.

So now we’re here, I’m taking you all along for the ride through my journey and hopefully building confidence in everyone else to make their vehicle their own!

Whether you’re looking for just interior detailing, or exterior detailing, we will have all the knowledge and know how here and ready for you right at the tips of your fingers.

Maybe your vehicle needs a new color? “I bought a blue car and it doesn’t scream blue to me, I want my car red.” We have you covered and will show you how a simple DIY project can turn into a showroom shine!

By a diy guy for a diy world!

That’s right, I am by no means a professional, however that being said I do have tons of experience in the automotive industry, whether you want your content written, or to visually see step-by-step how everything is completed without fancy shop tools, we will have all the content you could dream of having 100% free.


Our mission is simple, to provide you the content YOU need as a vehicle enthusiast to tackle even the worst jobs while saving you thousands by doing it yourself. To build the courage and self esteem to say “I’m going to paint my car today” or “I’m going to restore the interior today.” Maybe your even just here to understand how core functions work and how to do basic maintenance or even the most difficult of repairs. We will have it all under this library of content that no other auto page has available. 

Welcome To DIY Auto!

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