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2023 Guide: How to Clean Car Windows Without Streaks

How To Clean Car Windows Without Streaks

In this article, we will discuss the best practices and techniques to clean car windows without streaks, ensuring optimal visibility while driving. Car windows are an integral part of any vehicle, providing clear visibility and enhancing the overall appearance. However, keeping them clean and streak-free can be a challenging task. Not no more! Let me show you how to clean car windows without streaks!

To clean car windows without streaks follow these steps:

  1. Wash car windows and windshield with soapy water.
  2. Dry the windows or windshield with a car towel.
  3. Apply glass cleaner to a microfiber towel or cloth and scrub using circular motions
  4. Wipe down the surface separately with a clean microfiber cloth or towel to remove any leftover cleaner.
  5. Follow up with a glass protection product or hydrophobic protection product that’s safe on glass.

That’s the basic way to clean your car windows without streaks. Let’s look at each step more in depth.

Clean Car Windows Without Streaks – What You Need To Know?

clean car windows without streaking finished

Before we dive into the cleaning process, let’s talk about the importance of achieving streak-free windows.

Streaks can form on your car windows due to various factors such as improper cleaning techniques, residues left behind by cleaning products, or the use of low-quality materials. These streaks not only obstruct your view but also give a dull and unattractive appearance to your vehicle.

Your windows and windshield see a lot of sunlight and dirt or debris throughout the day. Most ammonia based window cleaners tend to streak a lot less but it also depends on the amount of cleaning solution you use and whether or not you do it in a hot sunny day or in the shade.

The best way to clean the inside of your windshield, outside, and windows is to use a microfiber cloth and proper cleaning supplies. It’s best to wash the window from the top to the bottom and continually keep your car windows clean. 

Many car owners actually neglect this area so it’s important to know just how simple and fast you can do this without getting streaks. Let’s move onto some cleaning tips, and I’ll show you my easy to follow methods on how I clean windows in my vehicle and my car’s windshield!

Preparing Your Windows And Glass

how to clean car windows without streaks washing


Before you start cleaning your car windows, it is crucial to prepare them properly. Begin by parking your vehicle in a shaded area or during cooler parts of the day to prevent the cleaning solution from drying quickly, which can lead to streaks. Make sure all windows are closed tightly to avoid the cleaning solution from seeping into the interior of the car.

When you clean car windows without streaks or streaking, it definitely increases your visibility. Glass cleaner can contain some aggressive stuff that isn’t so nice on plastics or vinyl so make sure you don’t just go spraying it all over, apply it to your rag/towel then clean.

Exterior Cleaning

outside window cleaning

Cleaning the Exterior

The exterior windows of your car are exposed to a wide range of dirt, dust, and debris. To clean them effectively without streaks, follow these steps:

  1. Gather all the necessary supplies, including a high-quality glass cleaner, a microfiber towel, and a bucket of clean water.
  2. Wash the windows or windshield first with soapy water – let air dry or dry with a car towel. (To prevent water spots it’s best to dry using an actual automotive drying towel)
  3. Spray the glass cleaner on your microfiber towel.
  4. Using a microfiber towel, wipe the window in a circular motion, applying gentle pressure to remove stubborn dirt and grime.
  5. Continue this process until all exterior windows are clean, ensuring to change the microfiber towel when it becomes dirty.
  6. Finally, use a dry and clean separate microfiber towel to buff the windows and remove any remaining streaks.
  7. For extra credit – Utilize a glass cleaner that has hydrophobic properties. This will help bead up water and push it away from your windows making it much easier to see and a lot nicer on your wipers!
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Interior Cleaning

inside window clean

Cleaning the Interior

The interior windows of your car also require regular cleaning to maintain visibility and a polished look. Follow these steps to clean the interior windows without streaks:

  1. Start by gathering the necessary supplies, including a glass cleaner specifically designed for automotive interiors, a microfiber towel, and a clean cloth.
  2. Spray the glass cleaner directly onto the microfiber towel, rather than applying it directly to the window.
  3. Wipe the interior windows using the microfiber towel, ensuring to cover every corner and crevice.
  4. For hard-to-reach areas, use a clean cloth to remove any fingerprints or smudges.
  5. Once the cleaning is complete, flip the microfiber towel and go over the windows again to ensure a streak-free finish. I don’t personally do this, I just grab a separate towel just to be safe.

Detail Sprays & Best Cleaning Products

In addition to regular glass cleaners, you can also consider using detail sprays specifically formulated for automotive glass cleaning. These sprays provide additional lubrication and ensure a streak-free finish.

Look for products that are ammonia-free, as ammonia-based cleaners can potentially damage tinted windows or other glass surfaces. Remember to follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer for optimal results. While this is very rare and more targeted towards tinted users, ammonia based cleaners are my preferred way to go, but to each their own.

If you used an ammonia based cleaner previously, you shouldn’t have any issues with a detailing spray. While most of them aren’t ammonia based, some of them might be. 

My recommended and go-to glass cleaner comes from Chemical Guys again. I don’t love ALL of their stuff, but their car wash soap and this glass cleaner are too legit to quit. 

The stuff I’ve left an image to below not only cleans the windshield but also protects it. This will give it hydrophobic properties to not only clean, but repel and prevent any dirt, and water from sticking to your glass, windshield, or windows.

Chemical Guys Hydro View:

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Extra Tips and Tricks

rainy weather clean window

Now that we have covered the basics of cleaning car windows, here are some additional tips and tricks to achieve streak-free results:

  • Always clean your car windows when the glass is cool to the touch to prevent the cleaning solution from evaporating too quickly.
  • Use high-quality microfiber towels for both cleaning and drying. Microfiber towels are designed to absorb dirt and moisture effectively without leaving lint or streaks behind.
  • When wiping the windows, work in small sections to ensure thorough cleaning and prevent the cleaning solution from drying before you can wipe it off.
  • If stubborn spots or residues remain, use a specialized glass polish or a mixture of vinegar and water to remove them effectively.
  • Regularly clean your windshield wipers to avoid any build-up of dirt or debris that can transfer onto the glass and cause streaks.
  • Wash your windows as quickly as possible after any huge spill or dirt exposure. The longer dirt sits, the harder it is to remove.

There are numerous products available in the market that can assist you in achieving streak-free car windows. Some popular options include glass cleaners from well-known brands, cleaning kits that include specialized tools, and anti-fog treatments to improve visibility during extreme weather conditions.

Remember, the key to preventing streaks is to use high-quality cleaning products, proper techniques, and suitable materials. By following the tips and tricks mentioned in this article, you can maintain clean and streak-free car windows, ensuring a safe and enjoyable driving experience.

Congratulations you now know how to clean car windows without streaks! Get out there and enjoy the visibility!

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