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How To Clean Inside Of Your Windshield

Clean The Inside Of Your Windshield!

You’re here because you want to learn how to clean the inside of your windshield. Even though the inside of the windshield is an absolute pain in the butt to get at, getting your auto glass and glass cleaning done can be super easy and simple. 

To clean inside of your windshield, degrease the windshield and hand dry. Then spray the glass cleaner onto a microfiber towel. Wipe the cleaner into the windshield using circular motions and then buff dry with a separate microfiber towel. This will help with streaks and keep your windshield clean and dry.

Let me show you more in depth and give you some cleaning tips for general window cleaning and to achieve a clean windshield!

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Clean Your Car Windshield Without Streaks

Keeping your view of the road accessible is kind of important when you drive. The first thing we need to do is get the windshield clean. Keeping your car windows and windshield clean can be tough because a lot of glass cleaners tend to leave streaks. 

When you get these streaks, it makes it very hard to have a clear view of what you are doing which is why as a detailer, we’re going to degrease and wipe away any grime or grease from the windshield. Then you can properly scrub it.

Before we go all in, make sure you grab the following:

  1. Rubbing Alcohol or glass safe degreaser
  2. Access to warm water with a spray bottle
  3. Window cleaner (ammonia-based helps with streaks)
  4. Dry microfiber cloth or paper towels

Once you’ve grabbed everything you need, let’s get to cleaning that windshield!

Outside Car Windshield Cleaning

I know this is mostly about cleaning the inside of the windshield, but I couldn’t just leave you with the inside. Start with the outside of your windshield first; which is far easier.

Cleaning the inside and outside of the windshield glass without degreasing it first is already a setup for failure. Rinse your windshield down with soapy water first. Then take your degreaser and apply it to a dry microfiber towel. For the best results, dry the surface and use a towel on the windshield. While drying the windshield make sure you park your car in a shaded area.

how to clean inside your windshield outside

Pro tip: When cleaning your windshield, apply the product onto your towel, not the windshield itself.

Make sure you’re working the degreaser in using circular motions and degrease your oily windshield. While you are doing this, you can also clean the other windows while you are it! You can degrease the windows in your vehicle as well just like you are doing with your windshield.

Make sure after each section you dry it off to prevent streak from forming on the windshield surface. 

When you have degreased your dirty windshield, now we need to clean it.

How To Clean Inside Your Windshield

Cleaning the inside and outside of your vehicle should be done at the same time. Follow the same steps as above only this time we’re cleaning the inside of a windshield. To clean inside a windshield, rinse it down in soapy water using a damp cloth and then wipe dry. 

Follow back up with a degreaser of your choice (I use rubbing alcohol personally) and wipe the surface dry. Make sure you are working your way around without leaving any spots damp. Otherwise your more prone to a streak or two.

Pro Tip – Use a damp rag or towel instead to prevent getting cleaner on your dashboard or under any piece of window tint.

Car glass is highly resilient luckily to a lot of chemicals. However, if you have a cracked windshield, be careful as some of these chemicals can be harsh and actually eat at it.

With the inside and outside now degreased, now we can apply our glass cleaner. 

Use The Right Cleaning Solution And Glass Cleaner

how to clean inside of your windshield

To restore our view of the road ahead, you will need to use a microfiber towel or cloth to wipe with. Just like before, you will need one for cleaning, and one for drying. 

To get a new looking windshield, spray glass cleaner onto your microfiber towel and work it into the windshield using circular motions. This will finally start to shine and restore your clear view of the road all while removing any leftover dirt and grime. 

It’s best afterwards to follow back up with a cloth and wipe down any left over dust and dirt from the surface. Not only does this remove dirt and dust, but it will help remove any steaking as well if have any.

Give your windshield a thorough cleaning if you’re looking to get that new car windshield look. Make sure you purchase a product specifically for glass care as well. I’m a big fan of Invisible Glass myself. You an also substitute a microfiber towel to wipe away any residue too, this is usually my go to. 

No Home Made Products

I’ve been doing this a long time, and the best advice I can give is to use actual automotive grade products for the most part. A squeegee is also a nice tool to use to remove moisture. Don’t ever use home made cleaning solutions on your car glass. Some of these cleaners when mixed with parts of water leave a residue and sometimes have off-gassing which can leave an odor. 

In the near future I’ll also have some window cleaning tips deep cleaning those to a like new shine too!

Best Way To Clean Inside Of Your Car Windshield

So just to recap, the best way to clean inside of your car windshield is to:

  • Wash the windshield down
  • Degrease the windshield with alcohol or a degreaser
  • Apply glass cleaner to the inside of the windshield
  • Wipe away any excess cleaner revealing a streak free shine

I hope you enjoyed my guide and tips for cleaning your car’s windshield. If you need any other tips to help you with your car detailing, consider checking out the blog!

Huge shout out to ChrisFix as well, I’ve watched him for years now and he was awesome enough to make a video on this!

By following these tips, you too will learn the best way to clean the inside of your windshield, here’s some commonly asked questions I get frequently regarding this. 


Q:What is the best thing to clean the inside of your windshield?

A:Invisible Glass hands down is the best thing to clean the inside of your windshield.

Q:Should I use Windex to clean inside of windshield?

A:You can use Windex to clean the inside of your windshield.

Q:Why is there a film on the inside of my windshield??

A:Multiple reasons, some common reasons are window tint, or streaks from window cleaning.

Q:How do you get rid of haze on inside of windshield??

A:Degrease the windshield first then use a streak free windshield cleaner.

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