How To Clean Car Windows Properly!

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How To Clean Car Windows!

Your vehicles glass is important to keep clean. Not only does it help with allowing you to see, but it also looks incredible when cleaned and detailed correctly. We will be going over how to clean car windows the correct way and obtaining that perfect clear gloss!

To clean your car windows properly make sure you are using a genuine glass cleaner. Don’t spray any cleaner onto the glass itself but rather onto the rag you are working with. Massage the glass cleaner in circular motions around the glass inside and out. After all contaminates are removed, follow up with a separate dry clean rag/towel.

While this seems super simple (it really is) there are some small tips and tricks you should be aware of before starting…

Here’s and excellent video guide we found beneficial as well, this is not our video but thought it was great and a nice share! Enjoy!

Cleaning The Windows!

A Lot Goes A Long Ways…

This statement couldn’t be anymore true when it comes to window cleaning. You don’t actually have to hammer on a lot of cleaning product to get great results. In fact we actually don’t recommended soaking your glass down at all.

Having too much product can lead to runs, spots, and even have some of your cleaner get on areas where you don’t want it. For this reason we recommend being careful with your product and not “overdoing” it. You don’t need a lot of cleaner to get excellent results.

The trick is to work the product in evenly with it in a “damp” status. What we mean here is don’t soak down the area, just get it slightly wet or even better just place your cleaner into a rag. More on that now…

Don’t Just “Spray Away”. how to clean car windows

This is where most people get it wrong. Hammering on your car window cleaner only leads to excess residue, smearing, and gets the product all over the place where you don’t want it. The proper way to clean car windows is to actually mist it onto a microfiber towel/applicator and work it into the surface.

Spray some cleaner onto your applicator first and then work in circular motions keeping the surface DAMP not soaking wet. Continue to work around the entire area of glass in circular motions until the product is no longer spreading.

You will know when it’s ready to “remove” when your applicator no longer starts to glide without minimal effort. You will start to feel resistance in your arms from working the product in and around the car glass correctly.

Once you have applied your cleaner and buffed the product in, take a look at your glass. Is there spots you missed? Or is there an extra spot where you it needs another pass? Make sure you check each area carefully for any extra dirt or grease as well as extra cleaner.

Always Follow Up With A Second Cloth.

Make sure you always have an additional cleaning cloth available as well. This will ensure you remove all the product correctly from the glass. As mentioned above there is such a thing as “too much” cleaning product. You don’t want to have an excess amount of cleaner leftover just drying on your glass.

This is why you follow up with a secondary CLEAN cloth/mitt.

This will help remove any excess dirt, cleaner, etc… from the piece of glass your working on.

Use Small Brushes/Tools To Help You.

The windshield and rear window can be a nightmare to clean/reach. That’s why we always recommend some extra brushes to get down in the corners. A couple of commonly missed areas include up by the A Pillar on the windshield sidings, behind the rear view mirror, and bottom edges of your doors.

Use a small brush and just like you did the first time, apply the product to the brush, not directly onto the surface. Take the time to scrub it in and buff away the excess residue/cleaner. This will always ensure you have new looking glass all the way around.

Failing to do this will make eventually lead to tarnish lines where all the dirt and gunk accumulated over the years.

Start Small, Think Big! how to clean car windows

When you start cleaning your car windows, make sure you develop a technique and start with small areas first. Eventually you will move outwards and clean the entire window but for an even and crystal clear shine, start in the corners/small areas first.

The corners of your glass whether it’s on the inside or outside are typically all the areas you don’t reach if your not focused on reaching them. Since there are always clean spots to not so clean spots, this can leave a residue/film of grease/dirt over time.

This makes cleaning/dirt removal much harder as it can get caked on there pretty good. Start in the small hard to reach areas that are in worse shape over other areas. Once you’ve got those small areas clean, then focus on the much bigger picture.

This ensures you get the entire window clean without having harsh dirt lines or other nasty grime buildup from appearing over time.

Follow Up With Protection!

By this point you should have some pretty clean looking car windows and will need to invest in the future.

Make sure after you clean your car windows make sure you follow up with a repellent/protectant as well. The repellent will help with dirt, grease, and water from actually sticking to your windows.

This will make clean up in the future significantly easier and will help improve visibility during harsher weather conditions. Similar to a wax on your cars paint, Meguries, Chemical Guys, Rain X, and many others carry products specifically to help the overall health and visibility of your windows.

Make sure you apply one of these after cleaning the same way you washed your car windows down. Apply the protectant and then remove the excess residue. Congratulations, you now know how to clean car windows the proper way!

Be sure to take a peak at some of our other content such as how to polish a vehicle correctly, or maybe even learn how to detail your vehicle like a professional! Either way hope you enjoyed this guide and keep on the lookout for more content to come soon!

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