How To Fix A Car Stereo That Has No Sound!

Radio not working? Been wondering how to fix a car stereo that has no sound? Today we’re going to show you just how to fix that!

Typically when a car stereo produces no sound it’s usually caused by a shorted or grounded wire, defective speakers, faulty head unit/fuses, or setup is not yet complete with your radio unit. 

We will show you how to break down each step correctly so you can start jamming away again on the road!

Wire Management! How To Fix A Car Stereo That Has No Sound

Radios have all sorts of wires going in and out of them. Each wire serves a specific purpose for the car stereo to operate correctly. If you have a car stereo that has no sound than we should start by checking that all the wires are hooked up.

A car stereo will always have 3 different power wires going to the deck section. Black (usually ground) Red (usually battery) and Yellow (usually constant power). Make sure that your car radio has these 3 wires hooked up correctly.

This should allow the radio unit to power on and function normally.

After you have verified that the car stereo is getting the correct amount of power, it’s time to look at your speaker wires.

Most of the aftermarket wire harnesses will be labelled on the side of the wire in small text to let you know what they belong to. Many of the stock ones will just be color coded though some may have labels as well.

Make sure each wire is setup correctly and making a good connection.

The wire colors will differ depending on year make and model, always verify what each wire does before operating on them.

The main wires you should be concerned with though are the speaker wires. These are the set of positive and negative wires that hook up to each speaker. This tells the car stereo to kick on and play sound/provide power to each one of your door speakers.

Once you have taken your dash panels apart, verify each wire then move onto the next step.

One last side note: If you are using an aftermarket amplifier for your door speakers, make sure this is getting power.

If it is, don’t forget to check each terminal to ensure it’s getting a good connection.

Speaker Maintenance!

Your speakers provide sound throughout your vehicle from the head unit. If you have been following along you should of verified your wiring.

While you were checking your wires out, you may notice only 1 speaker didn’t produce sound.

You have verified that the wiring to it is correct but it still won’t produce sound.

This tells you that something is going on with the speaker. This is where our small battery test helps. For more information on how to test your door speakers, check out our post on car speaker repair.

If your speaker passes the battery test then it’s time to move on. If your speaker did not test the battery test, it might be time to replace it.

Leaving the speaker exposed though lets check a couple of other culprits…

Fuses/Radio Checks! How To Fix A Car Stereo That Has No Sound

Car stereos can fail and will go bad at some point. If you know how to install a car radio though, than you are probably aware of the fuses behind it. For those of you that didn’t know, most radios have fuses in the back that can blow.

Usually when this happens though the radio will lose all power and you won’t have sound at all. Verify your fuses behind the radio, and in the vehicles fuse panels as well.

Replace any blown fuses and see if the radio kicks on and produces sound.

If you have power to the radio officially but yet you still have no sound, then continue on.

If this is what did the trick then congrats! Get your car started and go enjoy some music!

It’s not always a guarantee, but it will happen where you still won’t have power. This can be due to your car stereo overheating or shorting out. This means that your radio has burned up and will no longer function.

Because it no longer is obtaining any power, it cannot produce signals to the speakers so you have sound. If you’re still wondering why and how to fix a car stereo that has no sound, we’re moving onto the final step!

Make Sure It’s Setup.

Installing a car stereo isn’t that difficult of a job. Many beginners actually start out with this repair. If you have checked everything over and you are still not getting any sound, your car stereo may require more setup.

Car radios have all sorts of different settings and one of those settings is the fader, volume, listening position, and frequencies.

I know it sounds crazy, but it’s actually possible to completely disable all sound from your speakers.

Make sure all of your frequencies are playing, and double check that you don’t have the fader setup. You can adjust the fader settings to only play through the front or rear speakers. It sometimes happen where the front is only on by default.

After you have verified that all of your settings are on, volume is up, and the radio is not muted, you should at this point have sound. If not, then your head unit may have malfunctioned and burned out.

If you have any aftermarket amplifiers hooked up as well, make sure to check/test these for fault as well. Many places such as Best Buy and ABC Warehouse can test your components for you to make sure they are operating correctly!