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Face it, keeping a clean vehicle can be quite difficult. DIY Auto has you covered! Not only do we have the largest resource of FREE repair tips, detailing needs, and automotive guides, we also will detail your vehicle for you! See why were different! When booking online, you will be sent to our Facebook page to talk to someone live about your appointment!

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Our Pricing


The simplest of packages, this package is very simple, a no touch wash, touch wash, and interior scrub using only premium products!




Same benefits as the entry level package. No touch wash, touch wash, interior scrub, wax applied to outside, and the finishing touch with interior protection!




Same benefits as the mid grade package. No touch wash, touch was, interior scrub, rubbing compound for scratch removal, polish for exterior shine, wax for exterior protection, interior scrub with protection.




Go above and beyond with the highest level of shine available! Package includes: No touch wash, clay bar treatment, touch wash, rubbing compound with dual action for scratch/swirl removal, dual action polish application for mirror like finish. Premium butter wax, Tire wet/gloss/wheel cleaning, interior scrub with steam clean treatment and shampoo/conditioner throughout. 





Happy Customers

“I got the new car detail and couldn’t be any happier! The DIY team really came through and made my car look better than it did from the dealership! If you are looking for a quality service, DIY Auto Restorations will not dissapoint!”


“I was getting irritated with the local car wash stations near me. The automated drive through did an ok job, but the mid grade detail from DIY Auto Restorations blew it out of the water! Highly recommend them as they will get the job done right and fast!”