Why Do People Brake Check?

We always ask ourselves why do people brake check and why it happens so frequently.

People typically brake check one another due to road rage. It isn’t uncommon to see people brake check each other as well to try and obtain a faulty insurance claim.

That being said we are going to help you avoid those nasty brake checkers out there. Let’s break down the tools you can have prepared and how to avoid accidentally hitting someone that decides to brake check you!

Society Is Frantic!

The world travels fast, and in a hurry that is certain. Sometimes though that quick non thinking thought can cause a TON of damage to yourself or your vehicle almost instantly.

Avoiding fast paced traffic is obviously ideal but sometimes not possible. Because of this, try to keep a few extra feet away from the person in front of you.

Accidents do happen and typically when you hit someone it’s technically your fault. People are in a hurry and sometimes you will be too.

It’s best to ensure you keep a safe distance away from the person in front of you.

This gives you enough time to stop just in case the person in front of you might not think the same way.

Why Do People Brake Check – Patience Is Key!

It’s easy to lose your temper and cause mistakes when someone upsets you on the road. This can cause you to perform actions out of anger that can lead to life threatening accidents or severe damage to your vehicle.

Staying calm and being patient is a huge key to avoid a nasty accident if someone decides to brake check you.

Let’s take winter as an example. Here in Michigan we get snow every year and people know this. Where we are from it isn’t uncommon though to see people with 4 wheel drive come flying around to pass you.

Let them pass you, don’t try to dodge them or anything. Let them do what they want, if they end up in the ditch, then maybe they will take it easier next time.

Society is completely frantic and fast paced. When you enable people to get under your skin while operating a vehicle,  you yourself can actually be the reason the accident happens.

Stay calm, take a few deep breaths in and just allow everyone to pass you accordingly.

Implement A Recording Device!

Why do people brake check each other though on a day to day basis. While this is a completely opinionated statement, many other I’m sure will agree. They know they can get away with it and there is nothing you can do about it.

why do people brake check

This is where products such as the Go Pro come in handy. Install a camera somewhere in your vehicle where it can record from your point of view.

If someone locks up their brakes intentionally, having it on film if you accidentally hit them can absolutely be a game changer.

You now have proof that you were following the speed limit and keeping the recommended distance away from the car in front of you.

When that footage is pulled and you can clear as day see that you gave yourself enough time to stop, this can avoid a ticket and a at-fault accident report from popping up on your record.

There are many different places where you can mount a camera or recording device in your vehicle. Some companies even make weather proof camera that you can mount inside of your front bumper cover to always have new footage.

It’s also super easy and convenient to just mount it towards the front of your main dash panel right underneath the windshield.

Do yourselves a favor if you live in a frantic traffic area, get yourself something to give you proof because you never know.

Why Do People Brake Check? RAGE!

Super common to see on the roads these days. Some people have bad days and drive like they are having a bad day. This ends up being bad news for you potentially.

You could be driving along minding your own business and the wrong person can magically show up. You can be at the wrong place at the wrong time and be following someone. Regardless of whatever circumstance you are in, stay calm if someone looks like they are being aggressive in their vehicle.

It can get so bad to the point where I’m sure we were all given the middle finger at some point. You may have not done anything wrong or it was your turn to move and sometimes people are just having a rough day and need to take it out on the road.

While this is unhealthy to do on normal roads, society sometimes just doesn’t understand. We are human, we have emotions, and sometimes those emotions can get the best of us behind the wheel.

When you see someone that is driving in a rash manor, merge to the side if you need to. It’s better to just hit the 4 way lights on, pull over, and avoid the confrontation and the accident. When someones having a bad day and they get into an accident, it can really escalate up from there.

They Want Their Vehicle Fixed…

why do people brake check

This happens more commonly than you think. Why do people brake check each other on random occasions? Most the time it’s because something is wrong with their vehicle and they want that insurance check.

This happens ALL THE TIME and while it is obnoxious and completely unreasonable to do, people still do it.

Different states have different laws, but typically if you hit the person, you didn’t give yourself enough time to stop and you might be slapped with a ticket/bill.

This is why we recommended having something to record footage in case this happens. Sometimes people are so good at it that it looked like a natural stop and you are at fault.

It does happen though that people will lock up their brakes so you purposely hit them and then the can file an insurance claim against you.

This bills your insurance for the damage that has been done to their vehicle. After they have had their vehicle repaired, they have won the battle against you. We don’t want this to happen.

I know that sounds completely far fetched, but it happens way more often than you would think.

Don’t Be An Enabler!

If you see someone driving around all obnoxiously and such, don’t feed into it. We have seen it many times where someone will consistently be brake checking people on the road. Someone looses their cool and gets right on the persons rear bumper.

The rest of the story I’m sure you understand, they hit them the next time they brake checked.

Keep your cool and give yourself more than the recommended stopping distance. You have reflexes in your brain but you do have to give yourself a few seconds for your brain to register what’s going on.

It’s important not to flash your lights, or give people the finger when they do decide to brake check. You’re only adding fuel to the fire and eventually you will get burned after doing it many times.

Stay calm and pull over if you absolutely have to. Take a few deep breaths, let them get a ways down the road and then move again.

Additionally don’t go about making gestures at people as well. Purposely irritating someone on the road is a sure way to ask for problems. Moral of the story, stay calm, drive responsibly.

Sometimes It’s Punishment.

Yep it happens, it’s not common, but sometimes people will purposely do it to you in order to teach you a lesson.

A prime example of this is cell phone users. I have a cell phone, I have hands free calling in my Cobalt. This allows me to answer phone calls through my car radio without having to look at my phone.

There are a select few citizens out there though that pay attention. They look up in the rear view mirror and notice you are texting while driving. The next thing you know they see you, brake check you, and then you hit them.

Next thing you know you have this big dispute because you hit someone. Now you are looking at a double charge for texting while driving and for causing an accident.

Basically what you can gather from all this is to be polite, follow the rules, and most importantly, just stay calm.

Be sure to check out our other posts on restoring a vehicle. If you have been in an accident lately who knows, you could save thousands by doing the work yourself and were here to help you through it!

Do you ever wonder why do people brake check each other? Think you have something to add? Leave a comment below and let us know if you have ever been brake checked or have checked someone instead!